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Hey, I'm Carly, owner or Lorelai Madison Soaps! I was first introduced to the handmade soap world in 2013, I was living in Tennessee, shopping at my local Farmer's Market when I came upon a soap maker, we talked for a while and I decided to buy some and try it. I had been using the same type of store bought soap for years at the time, with super sensitive skin I was afraid of change but what I had been using left my skin super dry. I fell in love with handmade soap, and started making it when we moved back to Florida. I made my first soap in 2015 and started my business in 2020. My husband chose the name and named it after our daughter, Lorelai Madison. This business is truly a family effort, my oldest, Freddie is starting to help with production now that he is older and Lorelai is my best tester! My husband David is my biggest supporter. In December 2022 our youngest, Dane, was born.